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Five operators commitment to cancel the contract monthly fee controversy pending Overlord

The Consumers Association recently published statistics, the telecommunications service complaints remain high. In the specific complaint categories, the number of complaints against telecom tariffs have been significantly less than on the cell phone complaints. In the dawn of 3.15, several carriers are committed to further improving the tariff scheme, is expected to complaints of telecommunications charges will continue to decline.

Statistics highlight four major problems of telecommunications charges

The consumer association recently released figures show, the 2005 national telecommunications CASE system of complaints received 34,451. Complaints focus on the problem: winning scam messages; bank card fraud messages; the houses, confiscated goods, the application message; yellow messaging. Compared with last year's statistics, and related telecommunications operator and form of contract and other service charges complaints, has given way to cell phone complaints and SP (Service Provider) complaints.

According to consumer association consumer complaints published by the situation and statistics, with the operators of telecommunications services complaints reflect the main issues: First, the transparency of individual communications company charges a low, consumers can obtain and master the correct information. Last year, the amount of complaints in this area grew by 13.1%. Billing of opaque, complex queries often difficult to determine responsibility, consumers often without the knowledge of the cost to be deducted.

Second, the telecommunications card balance problems. Refers primarily to telecommunications carriers for the card set up using the term, there is still more the amount due can not continue to use the telecommunications card.

China Consumers Association has said that "telecom card balance and no rebate" is not international practice. In the telecommunications card issue, some countries do not set the validity period, some countries allow the adoption of other consumer card balance, which does not form a so-called "international practice." Therefore, the practice of some countries presumed to be "international practice" and that as a pretext not to fulfill legal obligations, is to disregard the interests of consumers.

Third, operators form contract issues, mainly referring to operators to enter into service agreements with customers contain "the ultimate power of interpretation, does not enjoy the right to request compensation," such and such an agreement not between the consumer.

Fourth, the question whether it is reasonable monthly fee. Consumers that the monthly fee has been collected for many years, the recovery of equipment investment costs have been heading back to re-charge without any basis, particularly fixed.

Operators to resolve three major issues

Hot spot for the above complaints, several operators have made it clear that will solve three problems.

Transparency on the fees low, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Netcom, telecommunications, CRC, etc. have made it clear that the list every month to provide Huafei can query a variety of ways; 3.15 during Unicom, CRC is also committed, such as miscalculation Huafei , will double the return, Xianhangpeifu.

On the format of the contract, last November, the Beijing Municipal Industry and Commerce Bureau and other departments has forced the cancellation of the Beijing Branch of major operators Overlord contract, using the new format of the contract, service agreements have been abolished in all the "ultimate power of interpretation, not to enjoy the right to request compensation, "such and such an agreement not between the consumer.

Phone card balance on the issue, from the end of last year, China Mobile and other carriers have been successively introduced measures to solve the problem. 3.15 period, China Mobile, China Unicom, Railcom, China Netcom and so committed, the telecommunications card balance can be transferred to other cards or extended use period. Integrated Department of Beijing Netcom, said Lili Tao, Beijing Netcom will launch a special debit card with no par value, expired phone cards in the 90-day retention period, can transfer the balance to the card activated. The card can receive free CNC Chamber business.

Monthly fee controversy over the still large

Monthly fee is still highly controversial issue. Many consumers think that is unreasonable, the voice of abolition of the high monthly fee. But operators say this is not a consumer complaint, but the telecommunications regulatory policy. Lili Tao, general manager of Beijing Netcom Comprehensive said: "The international community more than 200 countries are charged a fixed monthly fee on the phone, this is international practice."

Experts for the cancellation of the monthly fee, there are many different views. In an important meeting, Wu Changqi, vice president of Peking University Guanghua School of Management, said: "fixed monthly fee or not to cancel? Ounce of common sense analysis of the economics, we know that such proposals could harm consumers interests. "Wuchang Qi said:" I should think, for urban fixed telephone or mobile phone is, a reservation or an increased monthly fee reduces per-minute phone calls to possible more in line with public interest. "

- China Mobile Q & A

Monternet start "cleaning"

鈼?custom messages difficult to understand the deductions on the issue of the situation of China Mobile has invested heavily in business support BOSS system on the upgrading of the country into a detailed tariff and inquiry system. Users can query by the Office business, online query, 1861, telephone calls, SMS query, 12,590 queries a variety of ways such as their own consumption. From the city, then, long distance calls to the SMS, Monternet, GPRS and other businesses can find a detailed list.

鈼?the issue on the message to unsubscribe users do not want to use the order of business, or find a business forced to customized, you can use a variety of ways to be canceled. Specific method is: the Internet through mobile phone log Monternet, choose to enter "My Monternet", the system will list all the services ordered by customers, any customer can cancel the service has been ordered; Login Site, enter your mobile number and password and select the "My Services", according to cancel the WAP prompted to select class of business; also can call China mobile phone 1860 free customer service, customer service representative on his behalf by the 1860 cancellation.

It is reported that China Mobile is gradually built in the country unified platform to unsubscribe. In this way, the user customized SMS Monternet after China Mobile Communications will receive a text message to inform the business rates and unsubscribe method.

鈼?Mistakes on the cost of China Mobile will implement the "double return the error" system. Customers who find more income, fees charged by mistake, after confirmation can be double the return.

- China Railcom Q

Multi-pronged approach to solve the problem telecommunications card balance

鈼?Telecom Card balance on the issue of CTT will use a variety of ways to solve the problem telecommunications card balance. CRC cards have been issued for telecommunications, marketing, publicity and set the face value of such a comprehensive renovation. Telecom cards issued will not exceed the number of service capabilities. The convenience of specific measures: different functions and multi-issue face value of the telecommunications card, allows the user to choose according to their need for flexible spending card type and denomination; set different period, and according to the size of face value, the user's requirements and so the actual situation due to adjust You Xiaoqi will enable users to use the complete validity of the balance of the card; in the period, to provide compensation for the balance transfer or a fraction of the balance in two ways to solve the problem, but also to take measures to extend the conversion period, allowing users to make transfers during this period treatment.

鈼?About Hua Fei CRC error problem on the telephone bill for billing error and the error part of the implementation of double the return. In addition, in January of this year, China Railcom, have opened branches in 30 provinces, then set the city single inquiry service, covering 99.3% of the total number of users.


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Dynamic change CBA button

RESOURCE CBA r_yourapp_softkeys_options_open
buttons =
CBA_BUTTON (id = EAknSoftkeyOptions; txt = "Options";),
CBA_BUTTON (id = EYourAppCmdOpenApp; txt = "Open";)

RESOURCE CBA r_yourapp_softkeys_options_stop
buttons =
CBA_BUTTON (id = EAknSoftkeyOptions; txt = "Options";),
CBA_BUTTON (id = EYourAppCmdStopApp; txt = "Stop";)

In the HRH file

enum TYourAppCommandIds
/ / ...
id = EYourAppCmdOpenApp,
id = EYourAppCmdStopApp,
/ / ...

In your application''s AppUi class:

void CYourAppUi:: SetCommandSetL (TInt aResourceId)
CEikButtonGroupContainer * cba = CEikButtonGroupContainer:: Current ();
cba-> SetCommandSetL (aResourceId);

Now you can call:


where ever you want.

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China has become the fourth largest original MIMO States Patent

MIMO, OFDM, software radio is the key to achieve performance requirements of 4G technology, the three themes for the future 4G standards will constitute the underlying patents, the patent to understand the situation of these key technologies for 4G patent predict competitive situation is important.

Communication in the field of patent protection by the product evolved into profitable products. The traditional model, innovative technology products to maintain market position through patent protection, and as communications giant business model change, the patent directly into profitable products. This change to the traditional model of business enterprise to bring pressure, but also to make industry more concerned about the patent.

Currently many of the competitive situation on the patent judge also based on the technology of empirical judgments, that there exist major problems. Complex changes in communication technology in duplex mode, frame size, working conditions, and other emerging new technologies emerging, together with the patent claim writing skills according to the application time, protect the technical programs and other technical elements of the portfolio, the degree of importance between the patent very large, an important basis for the validity of the patent will be greater than several hundred pieces of ordinary patent, only through empirical analysis of combined expertise in order to obtain consistent and objective conclusions. Therefore, empirical analysis of patent patent for a clear competitive situation, so it is only scientific solution.

Imagine the future 4G standard will also form a variety of competitive situation, different technical standards to co-ordinate the use of the underlying technology to form their own standard framework. Patent on the standard system for analysis of competitive situation is extremely complex, in which the underlying technology patents in the patent situation is a key indicator of the overall conclusions drawn, so thus far, MIMO, OFDM, software radio patent situation of these underlying technologies Duiyu predict 4G patent competitive situation has become more important.

MIMO patents: China is the fourth largest country original

Number of patents based on the current MIMO about 4400, the number of patents around the world MIMO grown rapidly, especially after 2000, in China's first piece of patent applications on MIMO CN01101314 Lucent by the United States to the United States in 2001 on the priority " MIMO wireless systems, space-time processing ", this patent is currently authorized to remain in force. The figure after 2007 the decline in the number of patents because patent applications due to delay in public, should still consider the trend of the current trend of rapid development.

MIMO-monopoly is low, with more than 100 patents over the sector total only 20% of overall number of patents, technology has a large number of applicants in the hands of small and medium. China's ZTE and Huawei, the number of applications in the 50 or so, the gap distance of the top ten institutions are not too large, and the remaining 70 enterprises, universities, individuals applied for a patent. MIMO technology in China-related patent applications, foreign applications to China more than the number of domestic applications, domestic applications increased rapidly in recent years, starting in 2006 in China for foreign applications have been flat.

China is now the fourth largest country MIMO original patent, the applicant's patent applications in China accounted for about 6% of world total, second only to the United States, Japan, South Korea. Priority in the Chinese patent application filed in about 20% for foreign applicants, which indicates that large multinational companies with foreign R & D base in China as output a lot of technology, especially Japan and South Korean companies such as Panasonic, Samsung, NEC, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation.

OFDM patents: not monopoly

Currently, OFDM technology is not completely dominated by large multinational organizations, with more than 100 patent agencies accounted for all of the patent for 40% of the total, in the magnitude of China's Huawei and ZTE have such a large-scale enterprises, with the number in 20-100 patent agencies accounted for 20% of the total, in the magnitude of a group of universities and enterprises in China such as Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology and Beijing Creative Video Technology Co., Ltd. on the high sea shells Communications and Electronics Limited. 6-20 pieces of this magnitude account for about 16% of the total, of which there Xi'an Jiaotong University in China, Datang and other institutions.

OFDM patent situation in China should be the most public concern, the first application in 1994 of two foreign countries come to China for CN94103352/CN94193326, the applicants were Panasonic and Thomson, Germany - Blount Company, the two patents have been authorized. Matsushita patent CN94103352 which has produced 13 divisional application, of which 5 are currently authorized, the rest are still under review. In 1998, OFDM was not previously subject of domestic patent applications, the first domestic applications in 1999, Sichuan Changhong applications HDTV digital television transmission system, the patent-CN99124605, this application was authorized in 2004 and by reviewing the effective date.

1994 to 2005, the number of foreign applications has been leading China domestic applications, but in recent years the development of domestic applications faster, from more than 2006 foreign to China for domestic applications, and maintain high growth.

Currently, Samsung, Panasonic, Qualcomm, Sony, Toshiba has a traffic rank OFDM patents in the world. Compared to large enterprises in China ZTE and Huawei's patent application number over 120, with the gap between the top ten companies is not too much to maintain the current momentum into the future should be able to patent ownership is the top place.

Software Radio Patents: too few general

Software radio is the use of digital signal processing software wireless technology, can use the same hardware platform, software processing baseband signals, by loading different software, different business performance can be achieved.

Currently, the software is generally not protected by patents granted in China for patent applications involving computer programs, software patent examination according to relevant provisions of China's patent law review, the State Intellectual Property Office "review guidelines" related to a specific interpretation of content. For this reason, the software radio on the small number of patent applications. Overall only 300 international articles, more than 50 pieces of Chinese patent applications.

TD-SCDMA systems in China have been using software radio technology, TD TDD mode system and the characteristics of the low chip rate for software radio applications. Domestic software application has some radio experience and practical technology.

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Softbank and IDG withdraw money than the VC who is the next cash cow

In the industry has a "first silly," said IDG, last year was named the most successful investment companies, venture capital market once quiet are becoming pervasive.

This year, the major venture capital (referred to as VC) companies have been very active: Softbank Asia to set up a 643 million U.S. dollars of the fund, IDG in China has established two total sum of about 5 million venture capital fund; Kleiner PerkinsCaufield & ByersKPCB , Accel Partner, MatrixPartner three international venture capital end of this year also will be stationed in China. Thus it was predicted that parts of the world in 2005 may wind up investment in China planted a year of silver.

The different way the mainstream VC

Five years, 120 million in costs, the return of several times in close proximity, this is the magic of venture capital. Hand-held wand that is what the little IDG.

In fact, IDG is a specialist in the United States investment in print media and online media companies, venture capital can only be called on to do third-rate.

But it "the wall flower wall incense," IDG China or from both well-known success stories of view, are regarded as the mainstream VC. From Ctrip, Baidu Tencent to, IDG invested several hundred thousand to a million or two seed funds, access to the huge returns.

To Baidu, for example, in 2000 IDG invested 1.2 million U.S. dollars as seed money to account for 4.6% of Baidu's shares, according to the current market value of Baidu, IDG's investment returns to seven or eight times.

"High holding, low cost", with little cost to enter the early stage start-ups, this is the IDG in China's major investment strategy. This makes IDG's are mine generally small. So far, HC International, 1999, into 800 million, received 17.40% of its shares, as IDG's largest single investment in the country.

IDG Chairman McGovern promised before the end of 2005, investment in the Chinese high-tech market, one billion U.S. dollars, from its inception in 2001, but 300 million U.S. dollars investment.

Another venture capital - on the very different style of Softbank, or do not vote, to vote on several of millions of dollars at every turn. Softbank even have an investment philosophy: every single investment should not be less than 500 million.

Softbank now in China there are three forces, namely, Softbank Group, Softbank China and Softbank Asia. Finally entered the Softbank Asia, in less than 5 years to invest more than 20 high-tech enterprises in China, an average of more than 10 million U.S. dollars investment.

Behind the high input is relatively low return on investment. To 40 million U.S. dollars investment in a grand, get more than 560 million U.S. dollars in return, this can be considered the most successful in China, Softbank is a single, but the investment return rate is only 15 times. Prior to IDG in Baidu, the investment reached 60 times the financial return on investment.

Baidu search for other areas and grand

Although the chairman of IDG Asia, said Hugo Shong, about the success of venture capital, there may be dozens of projects is a failure. However, data show that in recent IDG return on investment in China averaged more than 45%. From this year, active venture capital organizations, and also can infer our lucrative.

Information Consulting Co., Ltd. Beijing and Qing dynasties introduced the "2005 China Venture Capital interim investigation report" shows:

First half of 2005 to complete a total of seven new and fund-raising and fund-raising total to 1.651 billion U.S. dollars fund, and fund-raising for the amount of 699 million U.S. dollars last year, more than twice.

From the industry point of view, IT is still the most attractive business venture capital industry, accounting for 63% of the total amount. This year the most active of the Internet, but the amount of view or from the largest communications.

Softbank, IDG or both, are active areas of IT. IDG long-term focus on early stage IT venture enterprises, while Softbank has formed an Internet system of empire, from Yahoo to the grand, to Alibaba, the Internet every single model has injected funds Softbank.

But now they seem to look for other areas of Baidu and grand.

Just a month ago, Softbank, Carlyle Asia bring together the Tianjin Sunco (China) Investment Network Real Estate Group, 45 million U.S. dollars. Softbank is also the first time involved in real estate, it makes the Softbank Asia become the largest amount of domestic investment, venture capital firms, investment has exceeded 300 million U.S. dollars.

Since 1998, IDG has invested in China, more than 150 companies, Internet companies account for almost half, even relatively low in 2001-2003, the Internet, the Internet project has been maintained at a total investment of more than 60% of the project. However, according to IDG list of investment projects this year, the number of Internet businesses accounted for only 30% -35%.

IDG has clearly indicated that you want to attack a number of new areas, such as biopharmaceuticals. 5% success rate of Internet businesses in the past, no doubt felt the pressure to VC. According to the report of the company and Qing dynasties, the current bio-tech industry accounts for only 0.4% of the total venture capital.

Capital prefer to grab?

And a flood of venture capital is relatively higher than that, good investment projects is rare. High-tech, media, telecommunications, referred to as the TMT field almost all VC attention.

Now not only focus on the field, the investment of time have tended to converge. A few years ago, many venture capital companies are more willing to do upfront investment, and now 70% -80% of the venture are concentrated in the middle and late, hoping to avoid risks. Generally will not choose the latter, but in the first round of financing will enter the IDG began to change their investment strategy.

In mid-August, one of the world's top five venture capital firms Accel Partners announced that it will enter the Chinese market, and investment 250 million U.S. dollars and IDG VC together form a total 500 million U.S. dollars in investment funds. Wind investment amount will be the principal responsible persons of 3721, founder and former Yahoo China president Zhou Hongyi.

Some analysts believe that, IDG is trying to follow a low-cost, low risk investment in the road industry.

Information Consulting Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch of the Qing Chen Qiang, director of analysis, there are two main reasons why such a change. First, China lacks originality core technology. If a startup is really the core technology, VC would be more willing to invest, because it is likely to bring huge returns. But China is not easy to have a breakthrough technology.

Second is the lack of good entrepreneurs, the credit system, coupled with greater pre-existing laws, policies and other aspects of risk.

Focus on investing in mature businesses Softbank, although not a particularly high return on investment, but investment in the market, brands, marketing channels and so have been in place, relatively less risk, the overall rate of return would be higher.

Softbank Asia Fund invests in enterprises, the establishment of the time almost 5 years, while China and Shenzhen Ming Wan blog so very few start-up enterprises, they generally have a strong strategic partner.

In fact, like Yahoo, QQ, etc. are facing in the early stage venture capital scarce, the time when they most need it hard to attract money to the VC. Zhou Hongyi that the vote should not be the most fundamental is that there is no innovation. Therefore, the choice of investment projects, Zhou said that the most promising home-grown original model and the model of China, are not optimistic about the pattern copied from the United States.

"There is definitely a good project so everyone is struggling, do not vote this month, a little hesitant about, other VC Jiugen up, or business valuation will go up." Said Chen Qiang, a direct result of this venture capital business costs, profit margins become smaller and smaller.

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e-cology in the Pan Micro Series 31

Use of project management module to complete the task on the market a clear management

Many companies have been frequent market activities, market activities can be very large national tour activities, or a simple product demonstrations, etc., but regardless of the large and small will be designed to these key factors: time, manpower and cost, mission , income, results, etc., then how can all these factors can be orderly management together?

In many companies, we found that many officers do not know where their task clear, when you need completed? And now the state of these tasks? Hold a market in your activities, the general leadership of all want to know what the current situation? Who is responsible for this matter and how the process now? Who is processing instructions? Who is in charge of distribution or contact potential clients? Who is the person in charge of the project? When is the deadline? Have done? History of the project is what? ... ..

Suppose we want to launch marketing activities to attract new customers and maintain our most valuable customers, how do we know which customer convenience is the most valuable? How do we measure our marketing activities are effective? Can we quickly learned that the activities of the market between budget and actual comparison report? ... ..

In the e-cology's help, we have to achieve these goals:

The collection of market activities creativity:

Through the knowledge of the document module, relevant personnel from the marketing department to be responsible for market activities creativity to start a discussion group, the related personnel to join the discussion group, set a time so that we can put forward their views on market activities and recommendations, once a good ideas. Marketing Manager will form the basis of these ideas in detail in the copy market activity, and sought further views.

Submitted project proposal and presentation of the project:

By e-cology of the project approval process, the leadership of the project by the company for approval. Marketing Manager for approval by the project based program, the establishment of e-project module related tasks and projects to each member of a project scheduling tasks. Once the project is approved by all members of the schedule will automatically produce the relevant current need to complete the task.

Via e-CRM customer choose needs to be invited:

e-CRM helps marketing activities automatically analyze the target market, promotional activities through predefined templates to all the invited customers to send email, e-cology can immediately know which customers will participate in our marketing activities All these work can be completed in the mouse clicks.

We arranged according to their mandate to communicate:

e-Workflow to help record and the market related activities, all processes! Task or application will directly reach those where they are now handling. This ensures that every employee in the company responsible for what parts of the task, his or her current work flow. Each person can easily see where this task is, who is in charge. The market activities of the project manager can easily understand their marketing plan is to be read and approved. Project members are assigned the task of reading.

Real-time change to adapt to the new project plan changes in the environment:

The progress of activities in a market process must run into many of Wen Ti, and these problems may change the original project De progress plan, the project manager based on each project task to change the situation, Sheng Cheng's project plans a new version of the system will be the first time in circulated to all project team members, and let each member of a project schedule of work to date of the project plan.

Documentation module to help project teams take good care of the appropriate project documentation:

Market activity will inevitably produce a large number of documents: the book market research activities, market activities, proposals, marketing activities, invitations, there is need to draft the design of color printing materials, posters and project briefing .... And all these documents and the market activities can be projects are interrelated, so as long as we find events and activities in this market, we can find the same as the project immediately instructed all relevant documentation.

Leadership can always check the progress of the market activity and activities of the final results:

As the company's leadership can be very easy to see the effectiveness of the Company's ongoing marketing activities. e-cology can help lead the activities accurately find the exact response! For example: How many customers are required to our email invitation replies? How many people click on our website or email list posted on the event title in the market? The number of clients seen in our market activity news? How many people visit us during the event micro-site pan? The number of potential customers in our pan-registered micro-site trial apply? Activities generate a number of documents? The number of personnel involved in this market activities? The number of processes and activities associated with this market? How many project tasks have been altered or postponed? The number of tasks to be completed ahead of schedule? Activities in this market are how much to send? The implementation of the budget market activity, how? ... .. As long as the company's leadership wanted to know this information, e-cology can be fully provided.

Market activities and timely conclusion of the event as a knowledge of the document archive release:

Finally marketing-related staff in e-cology in the archive of the activities of the market activity for the event will be a knowledge of the document posted to the knowledge base of the Pan-micro, so the market after the need to organize similar activities, other personnel can share the experience and market related activities, all the mistakes!

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How to compile kernel

How to compile the kernel:

If you do not want to change the kernel version, directly to the fourth step.

The first step: in any subdirectory (but usually in / usr / src / under) untar the new kernel source code unlock:
tar xvfz linux-xxxx.tar.gz (eg linux-2.0.35.tar.gz)
Or patch (patch):
gzip-cd patch-2.0.35.gz | patch-p0
Once on shore, skip to Step Four patch

The second step: rm / usr / src / linux
This is usually a symbolic link.

The third step: in / usr / src / build a symbolic link next to your new kernel directory.
Ln-s / usr/src/linux.2.x.xx / usr / src / linux
Old versions of the kernel may need to do some work:
cd / usr / include
rm-rf asm linux scsi
ln-s / usr/src/linux/include/asm-i386 asm
ln-s / usr / src / linux / include / linux linux
ln-s / usr / src / linux / include / scsi scsi

Fourth step: the current directory into / usr / src / linux
cd / usr / src / linux

Step Five: become a super user

Step Six: Configuring the kernel
If you are under the X window and want to have a graphical interface, you say:
make xconfig
Note: You need to install Tk / Tcl package and the X Server in 800x600 resolution above.
If you do not or do not want to use under the X Window graphical interface, you say:
make config or make menuconfig (recommended)
After answering questions one by one and wait a while, so prompt appears, or the graphical interface disappeared
System on the configured.

Step Seven: Build a new kernel, you said:
make dep; make clean
make zImage (or will further reduce the kernel with make bzImage)
Note that the case must launch on!
Also make zlilo / make install so choose.

Step eight: If you use a module, you also need to build and install modules
make modules
make modules-install

Ninth step: look at your / etc / lilo.conf to see is that the directory with that file as
image. For example: image = / boot / vmlinuz (slackware version is / vmlinuz)
The / usr / src / linux / copied to / boot directory,
Will / usr/src/linux/arch/i386/boot/zImage copied to / boot directory and renamed the vmlinuz
I do not renamed coverage approach, the recommended method is:
With a new file name will copy the new kernel to the appropriate directory, such as
cp / usr/src/linux/arch/i386/boot/zImage / boot/zImage2
Then edit / etc / lilo.conf file, the original core of that section of the copy, such as
image = / boot / vmlinuz
root = / dev/hda1
label = linux
After copying the image into / boot/zImage2 the label into newlinux.
This new kernel with the old kernel can coexist, when the new kernel can not start, there is back up over there.
Note copy and placement, if not set the default is the first who is who is the default boot entry.

10th step: install the new kernel and reboot.
Lilo (Oh, do not forget this step! And attention to look at output)
shutdown-r now

Warning: you should have alternate means of start, or start a new kernel can not you cry no tears! :-)

Compile time in my 120 MHz Pentium 32 MB of main memory on the machine to 20 minutes, in my P2 400 on just a few minutes.

More details see / usr / src / linux / readme, and using "man lilo" "man lilo.conf" "man initrd" command to see such information,
Before you begin to read the information is a good habit!
Tips for beginners: LILO boot after "LILO:" prompt, press the TAB key to display all the startup items (defined by the label).

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Friday, July 2, 2010

Happiness MPG Xvid ASF to MPEG

Happiness MPG Xvid ASF to MPEG is a professional and easy-to-use AVI to iPod Zune iPhone Converter, convert AVI file to MPG, MPEG, WMV, MP4, 3GP, MOV, RM, VCD, DVD, SVCD, MPEG1/2/4 formats. also can support batch video files conversion of different video formats such as DVD AVI MPEG ASF MOV SWF at the same time. Besides, it also can support to burn VCD SVCD DVD. And best of all, it has a powerful video decompress/compress engine that convert whole AVI movie to DVD in 30 minutes! Except for converting AVI to iPod Video and converting Video to iPod,it also supports converting among MPG, WMV, MP4, 3GP, MOV, RM, PSP Video, iPod Video, Zune Video, iPhone Video!